Greg Smith Out, Morales Claims Spot in Rotation

Greg Smith left yesterday’s game with a “dead arm” which he got crushed by Oakland with.  He had the injury last year, and the team says he will most likely not start in the rotation.  More importantly, this gives Franklin Morales a spot, probably the 5th, since Clint Hurdle said, “If we go with five (starters), he’ll (Morales) will be in the mix.”  I’m excited because Morales has a lot more upside, and now he will have a chance to become a full-time Major League starter.  I, and other Rockies fans, cannot wait to see what he does with a full season after what he has showed in the minors and in 2007.  Right now, the rotation goes Cook, Jimenez, De La Rosa, Marquis and Morales, unless Clint Hurdle goes with four guys, which he said is a possibility until April 21st. 



  1. popejonash

    I think Morales was the better choice for the 5th spot. He is much more of a grounball pitcher and has just as good, if not better, command. But I think whoever you have in that 5th spot is going to struggle, so I just hope the guys at the top of your rotation can keep things ticking over.Ash

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