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Not Quite a Mile High

Welcome to my new blog, which, based on the title, will concentrate mostly on the Colorado Rockies, the only team close to one mile above sea level in the majors.  The Rockies are usually referred to as the “Mile-High Team”, or a similar nickname, but I titled this blog more accurately “Not Quite a Mile High.”  The Rockies play close to 100 feet below 5,280 feet above sea level, and my perspective of the Rockies from my seats in section 119 are also below a mile high, just like my home where all my baseball information is received and analyzed.   

And with that, since this post will likely be lost in the infinite room of cyberspace, not read by a soul while I try to get readers, I will end this and prepare for my third attempt at an MLBlog in as many years, dating back to when I first signed up in April of 2006.